Sunday, September 10, 2017


A.   Art----goes to the bank sporadically...deposits some $$ here and there....things always seem to come up to keep Art from going to the bank as often as he would like.
Vacation--- one week at the Raisin Festival in Fresno. Wishes he had a better vacation and vows next year to do a better job of investing.
B.    Betty---always goes to the bank, but when there won't deposit much as it is not worth it to her to give up that $$. Sometimes she will go to the bank and just sit in the lobby because they have a nice flat screen TV to watch.
Vacation----attends rodeo in Vacaville while staying at the Embassy Suites because they have a good breakfast. She can't understand why she can't have a better vacation because after all, she did go to the bank all the time.
C.    Carney---banks somewhat sporadically, but when he does go to the bank, he really puts a whole lot of $$ away. He tends to put more away as vacation time looms.
Vacation---weekend splitting time at Disneyland and California Adventure . . . He really digs the fact that they are now playing Red Hot Chili Peppers music when going on Space Mountain. He wonders what  his vacation would be like if he went to the bank more often as he sure has a pretty nice vacation for the amount of time he puts into it.
D.   Donna---always goes to the bank and when there, is willing to deposit some hard earned cash into her account. Because of her great abilities and thoughtfulness of planning her life, she has enough left over to still live a great and balanced life throughout the year. There are some sacrifices that have to be made, but not as much as you would think and the payoff is worth it.
Vacation---a week at a fancy resort in the Hawaiian Islands. She is able to sit on the beach while being served pupus and having tropical drinks served in glasses with teeny umbrellas in them. She is living the dream.
E.    Ebenezer---spends way too much time at the bank. Invests most of his $$ while denying himself the day to day fun that life can bring. Eats Saltines and peanut butter everyday to save money and then wonders why his cholesterol is so darn high.
Vacation---doesn't go on vacation because he has no friends and needs the money to visit a therapist. Eventually he stars in a Christmas story where 3 ghosts visit him, sending him back the therapist once again.
ON A SCALE OF ONE TO TEN (With one being dangerous to being in a pool unassisted and ten being Phelpsian in your talent), WHERE WOULD YOU RANK YOURSELF IN TALENT?
ON A SCALE OF ONE TO TEN (With one sending your teammates screaming at the site of you to ten being Miguel Mattox), WHERE WOULD YOU RANK YOURSELF AS A TEAMMATE?
Note: Ken told Miguel before his freshman year in college that he could go a 1:47 200 back. Miguelwas skeptical to say the least. In Miguel’s final conference meet he won the 200 back going away, blowing the field off on the last 2 walls and went a 1:47…

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