Sunday, September 24, 2017

Let’s Make Sure Everybody Can Do…

Most coaches seem to have a formula; you know, a way to get everyone into shape so that each swimmer can do the work required to be great…or at least some version of great.
The question still remains, what if everyone is different? How do we then approach our developmental paradigms? Take breaststroke for instance. It has so many various ways that it is nearly impossible to have everyone swim it the same way. Certainly there are some basic “musts” but beyond that the wise coach figures out how to take what the swimmer has and work with that.
Same with conditioning; if your race takes 2 minutes then you need to get in good enough “shape” to be able to deliver the goods for the entire 2 minutes, without a smidgen of let up. Then you need to get control over your brain’s desire to keep you from killing yourself. It wants you to ease up a bit, here and there. You need to control those very real, very natural responses…for the last parts (different amount of time for each swimmer) of those 2 minutes.
When we saw the image below it resonated with us. Perhaps it will for you as well. Have a great workout, a bunch of them, this week!

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