Sunday, September 17, 2017

Bono & Ali

“It’s almost impossible to be great. That’s why we call it great. And that’s our drug of choice. Very good is the enemy of great — there’s lots of that. But who wants to be in a very good band at this point? Whatever you think of our oeuvre, or whatever you think of the U2 group, we’re still attempting to get beyond ourselves.”
You pick the specifics but you get the idea…
Making Winter Juniors is really very good. What’s great is getting a nighttime swim…even greater is making Summer Juniors at the meet.
I’m a pretty good kicker, maybe even very good since I can kick on the 1:30 interval. Great would be going on the 1:20 and even greater would be on the 1:15.
But when I kick on the 1:30 I am so much better than those who are on the 1:40; so all is good…but not actually great.
Go back to the first sentence and look at the use of the word “impossible”. Now go to the link below and see what you think about “impossible”.
Thanks to Madeline for the Bono quote and to Theo for the Ali quote.

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