Sunday, November 19, 2017

Short Swimmer’s Quiz

1 - Which is more important?
A) genes        B) hard work            C) feel for the water
2 – A swimmer benefits most by the coach yelling out during a race          
A) kick            B) race           C) tempo       D) all of the above   E) none of the above
3 – Which is more important to a successful outcome?
A) tempo        B) distance per stroke                    C) all of the above
4 – In preparing for the big meet, in descending order which is most important?           
A) rest                        B) shave        C) tech suit   D) the breakfast burrito
5 – Thinking about underwater dolphin kicks, which is most important?
A) how far you go     B) how many kicks you take          C) the tempo of your kicks
6 – In a 100 free race which is the most critical for breath holding?
A) lap 1          B) lap 2          C) lap 3          D) lap 4          E) laps 1&4
7 – You are racing outdoors. Which parts of your body lose the most heat?
A) legs           B) arms         C) torso         D) hands, head, feet
8 – Name the swimmer who most inspires you and say why
9 – What is your BIG racing goal for the next 6 months?
10 – What sacrifice will you make to reach that goal?

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Keep It Simple

At the US Open in August we saw this brilliant T-Shirt on a man from Texas (UT)…
Whoever put that together should win a medal. The first person who sends me a shirt (I wear extra-large – Don 36 Montego Key, Novato, CA 94949) I’ll send you a $100 bill.
It got us to thinking about simplicity. We have a youngster on our team, an 8th grader named Sydney B, who has some pop in her game. We asked her the other day if she knew she had some skill in our sport. She smiled sheepishly and nodded her head “affirmatively”. We then asked her if she had any “will”.
We said SKILL+WILL = WHAT YOU WANT. In our attempt to keep it simple we reaffirmed that skill is acquired through repetition of correct swimming. The will part comes from each person/swimmer deciding that they want something they don’t have.
This is called a goal…again keeping it simple.
We had a girl this weekend who swam an awesome 500 free. She has tons of skill and is working on the will component. We asked her how come Katie Ledecky swims so fast; there are many skilled swimmers. We asked her to consider Ledecky’s “will” component.
Would really love that T-Shirt J

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Talking Today

Had a chance today to talk with the brothers DeMont – Ken and Rick; as always a fascinating, liberating time. We were free to talk about kids and time and coaching…three topics of main interest in my (Don’s) life.
What happened to free time? Where did it go and why? How come everyone – includes adults as well young ones – has every minute scheduled? Who decided that this was a good idea…and why?
I am of the opinion that when you do not have free time you have no time to touch your wandering mind; the mind that often comes up with really good ideas; the mind that invigorates you; the mind that provides solutions to challenges you face…the list is perhaps endless.
So today and tomorrow and every day after this one I am going to set aside some time – even if only 10 minutes (I am certain I can carve out more) – to allow myself the privilege to “free wheel”…
I am betting it will feel awesome…oh yeah, and be productive since that seems to matter as well J