Monday, September 4, 2017

It’s Been A While

We’ve been on sabbatical…poolside of course and missing the opportunity to share what’s on our mind so here goes…
We have had 6 workouts of a pre-season style, getting wet and looking around to see who is missing (the graduated seniors) and who is going to take their places (and it is fun to watch them look around and see who it will be that takes up leaderships roles).
Anyway, tomorrow we begin again in earnest, chasing some more dreams. It is a momentous time of year and we look forward to it annually. Here is our first workout, the first real one in nearly a month or so…way back in taper time J
9-5-17 youth             Goals: work works
Short team meeting…1 – hand out blue print for our fall training block  2 – discuss having training partners for accountability purposes
Wmp 4x50/.45 then 900 IM set [4x25/.30 fly back br fr then 8x25/27.5 then 12x25/.25 then 8 x 25/.22.5 then 4x25/.20……20 mins 1100 [ have someone good at math lead ]
15x200 all negative split with # 5, 10, and 15 at RACE point (like a race where it counts)
1-5 swim/2:45  6-10 pull/3  11-15 swim w fins/2:30
15x150 progressive (many of you say descend) 1-5 all on 2:10       1-5 swim, 6-10 pull, 11-15 swim w fins
In each 150 make the 50’s get faster within the 150………..110 mins/ 6350
10x50/1 choice, fast as you can……….120 mins/ 6850

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