Sunday, February 2, 2014

Words of Wisdom for Age Groupers - and that means all of us!

As we continue to strive to make improvements, work hard and swim fast at meets, it's important to keep in mind that swimming is not a straight line of improvement up to your goal.  It's an up and down line that slowly moves up as we improve. It's not going to be the same line for each and every one. Growth spurts and maturity happen naturally to every swimmer and not at the same time either. Those two pieces of the puzzle plus an added focus at practices and the willingness to put yourself out there will all help in speeding up the process. But it is a process, so enjoy it!!

See you at the POOL
Coach Lee Anne

Lee Anne coaches North Bay Aquatics  Senior 2 and Pre Senior swimmers, ages 10-16. They represent a fairly wide range of skill level and speed. Many are Junior Olympic to Far Western level kids but all enjoy swimming and make it a fairly regular part of their weekly activity list. The write up above was attached to a meet recap from last weekend where many best times were recorded as well as some good swims from kids in the midst of “heavier” training who wondered if their hard work would pay off down the line. Also, some parents of younger swimmers get used to seeing a rather straight line of progression when it comes to times. Her comments were right on the money from where we sit and we thought you would enjoy them.

Lee Anne also coaches our Masters team – and they are age groupers as well!

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