Monday, January 27, 2014

Blessed Are the Flexible For They Shall Not Be Bent Out Of Shape

Just when we were wondering which topic to address today we found our pool time double booked. We had about 30 Masters ready to swim and then in came the Aqua Exercise class, to swim as well. 

Our local Community College semester begins today. Our pool isn’t big enough for both groups. We yielded to the other group. After we smiled, went to our cars, muttered under our breath, unhinged our jaw and stuck our tongue out (thanks Jim Fannin), we realized in the grand scheme of things this wasn’t the big deal it seemed at first sight.

And rarely is it so. We take this swimming business pretty seriously.  Like a lot of you it is important to us. So when things don’t go as anticipated there is a certain level of inherent frustration. It can be any number of things; a set goes awry, a swimmer gets sick or messes up in school, a meet doesn’t go well, it rains and the meet is outdoors, there is thunder and lightning and the meet is put on hold, a parent steps out of line – for all the right reasons…bottom line is that stuff happens.

How we deal with it is the critical part of the equation. It’s only Monday and look! We have learned another life lesson…sweet.

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