Sunday, November 24, 2013

For What It’s Worth

Every time we get ready to rest and shave we give our team some guidelines with the intention of letting them know what we are looking for and what they can expect from us as coaches. It gives us a chance to “get on the same page” in preparation for the big swims. These are the notes from last Saturday’s meeting.

Team meeting 11-23-18 –

Less than two weeks to Seattle/Walnut Creek/JO’s, less than 3 weeks to North Carolina

What have we learned thus far?

About: stroke mechanics, power, racing skills, dry land, nutrition, sleep, cycles of training – short discussion on each of these points

Everyone is aware of times they want to hit – correct?

Goals times, cuts for future meets … (much like hitting GPA marks and SAT scores)

We have done a lot of timing of efforts in wkots this fall as a means for giving all of us, coaches and swimmers alike, feedback on our progress. The times we have posted mean many things and are affected by many things

What they mean: how much stronger we are getting, fitter, faster – all those impt items

What affects them: water&air temp, type of suit, pool type, and place in cycle

However, there other impt things taking place and those are actually more significant

List includes: confidence, skill set, understanding of race strategy, keeping stroke together as you get tired, managing fatigue, managing failure and its twin imposter success etc.

What can you do in the final days to help yourself?

Sleep and eat correctly, stay on your school work, visualize success, practice doing the things that can help you, keep your body functioning properly via dry land routine

What can you do to hurt yourself?

Worry about your outcome, focus on the times you want to swim, get caught up in the usual pre meet hype, look at the psych sheets, look at the travel as a grand camping trip

What we will do to help you: not time you, keep working the process, and give each of you one item you can work on before you leave the pool each day for the next couple of weeks that will make a difference in your swims, stay even keeled

We suggest you do the same – work the process, stay even keeled, support the team

Keep your head up, unhinge your jaw, relax your tongue and breathe

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