Sunday, December 1, 2013

Theo and Jon

Sometimes less is more

Theo St. Francis is an NBA alum and now at MIT. He is a national level backstroker and smart as a whip. One of his favorite sayings:

If you are going to make the time, you might as well make the effort.

Jon Urbanchek is the world renowned swim coach who has consistently helped athletes fulfill their potential. He has coached so many NCAA, World, and Olympic swimmers – many of them champions – that we cannot list them all here. One of his favorite sayings:

When you go to a big meet, shave and rest for it, if you aren’t thinking about dropping 1 second per 50 then why bother.

It seems to us that the closer we get to important stops along the way, we have more success when we keep things simple. As coaches our athletes look to us for guidance. When we keep giving them straightforward clear messages they lock in and perform better.

We go to Seattle this Thursday for the Husky Invitational. A bunch of our swimmers are going to make the effort and drop 1 second per 50.

They will not do this by focusing on the time. Rather, they will bring their intention while focusing on the process.

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