Sunday, February 24, 2019

Two really good sets for confidence

We trust that we all can agree that the most important muscle in the human body is confidence. As we prepare for the March Sectional meet here in California we are looking for some fast swims. After this meet the swimmers go into their high school season (which has already begun with some dual meets). They like to bounce off of the March club meet into HS meets and then the ever present, never ending, all powerful emotion, of the high school champs takes over.
We did the following 2 sets with our middle sprinters this last week…kids who think the 200 is the best race in the world…they don’t care what we think and we do care what they think!
After all the warmup and a short kick set we did this on Thursday:
4x200/3 rotating a fast 50…1st 200 the first 50 was fast, 2nd 200 the second 50 was fast
3x200/3 rotating a fast 100…1st was the 1st 100, then the middle 100 then the last 100
1x200 all fast
They were flying. We set benchmarks in terms of times to aim for. We used a recent meet we had and said swim the last 200 within 10 seconds of that race time. At that meet they had suits on in finals but no rest or shave…just to give you an idea.
When they saw how fast they were going the excitement was palpable = confidence.
On Saturday we did the same thing with 100’s.
4x100/1:30 rotating a fast lap
3x100/1:40 (so they could do strokes) rotating a fast 50
1x100 all fast…Again they swam fast = confidence
In the 200 set they had 1600 yards, 700 of which was fast.
In the 100 set they had 800 yards, 350 of which was fast.
We’ll let you know in a week how the Sectional meet goes. We anticipate fast swims.

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