Monday, February 4, 2019

The Power of Discouragement

Chapter 11 of Chop Wood Carry Water is all about the power of discouragement as it relates to human growth and developing potential.
The actual word “discouragement” means a lack of courage. We tell our team that to our knowledge no one on our team lacks courage…if nothing else than the simple act of getting up on a block and racing down the lane with no one to be held accountable except you. That, in our opinion, is exactly what courage looks like.
Disappointment is very understandable; discouragement is not.
Akira, the sensei at the samurai warrior training camp, is having this discussion with John – the young man who wants most of all to be an archer samurai warrior – about discouragement. John is learning about the process and dealing with ups and downs is paramount to his success.
Akira says there are six things you can do to fuel your heart with encouragement:
1 – What you watch
2 – What you read
3 – What you listen to
4 – Who you surround yourself with
5 – How you talk to yourself
6 – What you visualize
The very best part about this process is that these 6 items are all choices each person can make every day. Keep reminding your swimmers that their greatest power in life is the power to choose.


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