Thursday, August 11, 2016

This is How We Move

As we reflect on our successes and missteps of the season just ending we are undoubtedly like many of our swimmers. We are wondering about missed opportunities and marveling at transformations. This takes place both team wide and individually.
We are reminded while watching the Futures meet at Stanford that humans (and groups of humans – teams) are constantly in motion travelling toward that upon which they are focusing.
You must choose between that which you want and that which you want to avoid. The former will lead you to the promised land. The latter will lead you to the dark side.
The old adage comes to mind; winners see what they want while losers see what they want to avoid. Want to finish a race with power then focus on it. If you focus on not dying in a swim you are most assuredly going to fade, sometimes spectacularly so.
Teams move in the same direction. Want a team full of positive, supportive and trustworthy athletes? Then you must as a coach talk about that, recognize it and call into question those who don’t “fit” your desired model.
Want to be upbeat? Then go do it and dump negativity whenever and wherever you see it. Hold yourself and those around you to the standard which emulates your goal.
These are all conscious choices we make daily as we move through the often whimsical forces of life. When you evaluate your season be honest.
Choice is powerful. You are responsible for who you are and who you will become.

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