Monday, August 1, 2016

Season End Keeping It Simple

The end of season meet is upon us all, swimmers from Olympian to National to Age Grouper, parents and coaches of same.
Here is a basic primer of how to get what you have earned. Your “bank account” is as full as it is going to be this season. Now figure out how to spend it all…empty the bank.
Swimmers; all you need is equal parts of trust and courage…trust that you will do your best and courage to put aside any doubts and fears. When the moment comes – and it does in darn near every race – when you find yourself wondering if you can make it to the touchpad simply say “GO!”…as many times with as much emotion as you need. Keep it simple.
Parents; just love your swimmer…stay away from advice…feed them the same no matter the result…keep things light…let them get their own towel, snack bar and water. Keep it simple.
Coaches; you are the steady rock. Stay in character, be calm. Tell the truth. Most important perhaps is to use a teaching moment if it arises…know what to say to them if the swim doesn’t work out.
Keep it simple.
This is the time of year when less is actually more.

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