Monday, April 25, 2016

Part Two

Today’s offering is meant to be tagged off of the last posting. It is in specific reference to the comment about “at risk” swimmers. Used last time this referred to those who were unsure about their willingness to commit to their future season, especially in their freshman year in college. (We are rather certain few, if any, of our swimmers are “at risk” in the usual sense of those words.)
It seems to us that a missing ingredient in the mix of success is often a clearly stated goal of what we are currently striving for…what are we after…what compels us to hit the floor early and enthusiastically every darn day…what lights our fire…what makes us willing to sacrifice anything for. The need for a big audacious goal is so obvious to us coaches that often we fail to ask our swimmers, “What are you really passionate about? What do you really want? What are you willing to commit to?” Once the answers to those questions are clear, then it is easy to formulate a plan of action.
And then the big one…hold ourselves and each other – our teammates –accountable. The following made so much sense to us:
“The Powerful Idea: if you want to make PROFOUND improvements in the way you think, feel, perform and live FEW things work as well as being at a LIVE event with other people making the same improvements. (This comes from Robin Sharma – google him for more)
The “LIVE event” is your workout, your swim meet and any other interaction of a positive nature with your teammate(s) and coach (es). It happens daily and serves to fire you up and keep you focused in times of doubt and temptation.
As you will recall from the last blog, this time of year is full of temptations for high school swimmers. Be one of the ones who enjoy the end of the school year and all the celebration while MAINTAINING FIRM SIGHT of the goal that really matters…that which is ahead of you, not right in front of you.

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