Sunday, April 10, 2016

Base Sets

We were looking for a way to present a fixed amount of full speed swimming for a short amount of time and distance that would drive focus up (looking for flow here), raise metabolic rates high and improve confidence about handling the race pace physical feeling of collapse. We came up with what we call “Base Set”…you could call it anything.
We have used these sets several times over the last few weeks at least twice a week. We would guess maybe 3 times a week would be max and then perhaps they lose their effectiveness. We actually have no idea – HA.
What we do know is that when we do them, the swimmers get very quiet, focused, determined and close to failure often. We have done only one of the 3 on any given day. We have done 3 rounds always and once we did 4 rounds. We think 3 are best. Each set is surrounded with some aerobic base building of swimming or kicking or pulling; the only limitation here is your imagination. We are pretty happy with the 3 sets and will stick with them, maybe adding one or two more variations…we like keeping it simple so they and we can compare while tracking improvement.
Each set equals 350 yards and takes exactly 6 minutes. All swims/kicks are full speed. Our workouts generally run with a 2000 yard warmup and total out between 6000 and 7500 yards in about 2 hours, Saturdays sometimes a little longer.
Set 1:
25/.20 then 25/.40 non free then 25kick/.30 then 25kick/.30
50/.40 non free then 25/.20 then 25kick/.30 then 25kick/.30
25/.20 non free then 50/.40 then 25kick/.30 then 25kick/.30
Set 2:
25/.20 then 25/.40 non free
50/.40 then 25/.40 non free
75/1 then 25/.40 non free
100/1:20 then 25/.40 non free
Set 3:
25/.15 then 25/.30 non free
50/.30 then 25/.30 non free
75/.45 then 25/.30 non free
100/1 then 25.30 non free
We currently have only a few on our team who can make all 3 variations full speed. Set 3 is the most challenging but 1 and 2 offer mighty fine efforts of speed and non-free quality…350 yards no nonsense in 6 minutes.
Every swimmer who races 500 yards or less fits that 6 minute parameter.

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