Sunday, February 7, 2016

Who Is Your Training Partner?

You pretty much always swim faster in a race than by yourself in a time trial at the practice pool. Why do you suppose that is the case? We are assuming that you answered with something along the lines of, “Because it’s a race, because there is another person(s), to work with” etc.
Our question today is, “Who is you training partner?” That person fulfills the same function in daily training sessions as your competitor does in the race situation.
Your training partner:
1 - Keeps you honest in your effort
2 – Keeps encouraging you when the going gets tough
3 – Gives you feedback about your stroke technique, turns, dives and finishes
4 – Has “your back” at all times
5 – Wants you to “win” more than s/he does
6 – Smiles for you no matter what
7 – Gives you some “shot blocks or goo” when you forget or run out
8 - Loans you a pair of goggles no matter what – even her own – yep!
9 – Drives you to the meet or workout when your ride isn’t available
10 – Holds you to your words and actions and goals…keeps you accountable
11 – The list is endless…just like your training partner’s willingness – it is endless
Provide all the same things for her/him…unselfishly because you value your teammate as much, maybe more, dare we say, than you. We can all move forward faster with a bigger smile on our faces and stay “in front” with a personal training partner.
Hey, you can even have a couple of partners. The main thing to do is make sure everyone on the team has one. When you do that, the team becomes stronger, more unified. And there is nothing quite as strong, dynamic and powerful as a group of people unified around a common goal.
Pursuit of excellence is positively empowering…to each individual and the entire team.

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