Friday, February 19, 2016

Whatever the goal, the opponent never changes: It’s you vs. you

Performance Grid
1                                                                      2
Consistent Workout Attendance               Inconsistent Workout Attendance
Consistently Train to My Capability          Consistently Train to My Capability

                        3                                                                      4
Consistent Workout Attendance               Inconsistent Workout Attendance
Don’t Consistently Train to                                    Don’t Consistently Train to
            My Capacity                                                   My Capacity

You have already figured this out, correct? Every swimmer and coach is in one of these grid spots every day. And while we certainly move around from time to time the question is in which spot do we reside, say 95% of the time?
Our success or lack thereof, is in our hands…every day. We choose our course of action. So, be accountable and you will move forward. Look for excuses or why you might be the “victim of circumstances beyond your control” and you will not move forward.
The beauty of our sport is twofold – thanks to Pete at UC Davis – the stop watch never lies and the water is always right.

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