Sunday, November 15, 2015

Speed Camp

We run North Bay Aquatics Senior program with 4 peaks each season. We would prefer 3 but the calendar dictates a 4th for California May high school championships. We look for super-fast swimming in December, March, May and late July/early August.
We don’t bemoan the schedule; rather we adapt to what is given us. Since we currently don’t have any high school swimmers in contention for the Olympic Team (we do have several who will be at Trials) we can live with the extremely compact long course season. In fact we had our best ever long course season this past summer. We credit it to excellent training in short periods of time plus frequent racing our way into long course racing shape. Our college swimmers will fare better perhaps since they have 3 peaks…provided they train and race after Conference and NCAA’s.
The following are two very recent Speed Camp workouts. We first do a portion of the block as “Training Camp” then move into speed gathering mode which is where we are right now. Enjoy…

Speed camp 11-12-15
4 x 50/.50
Fins on for the following
100 last lap breast
200 4th lap back, last breast
300 4th lap fly, 8th lap back 12th lap breast
400 4th 15 meters UW
1:30 base

8 x 100 1:40 kick rotation (kick 1st lap of 1st 100, 2nd lap of 2nd 100 etc.)

8 x 25/.30 e/b/e/b (ez, buildup, ez, burst)
35 minutes

5 rounds
50 on the: 40... Like your 1st 50 of a 100
50 kick or BP (breaststrokes pull) on the: 50 your last 25 of a 100
Easy 75
60 minutes

Fins - 3 rounds
200 free 3:00...streamlines
100 IM 1:30...streamlines
75 minutes

30 x 50 @1:00
Cone in middle (we have orange traffic cones on pool bottom for visuals)
4 starting end blasters (1st ½ of the lap and last ½ of the 2nd lap)
4 turning end blasters (from the 12.5 yard mark to the 37.5 yard mark)
4 hypoxic ...5/4/3/2
3 starting end blasters (1st ½ of the lap and last ½ of the 2nd lap)
3 turning end blasters (from the 12.5 yard mark to the 37.5 yard mark)
3 hypoxic ...4/3/2
2 starting end blasters
2 turning end blasters
2 hypoxic ...3/2
1 starting end blasters
1 turning end blasters
1 hypoxic ...2
105 minutes

Loosen with 4x25/.30 - 4/3/2/1 x 2 or 3 times
Hypoxic rotation

11-14-15 speed camp
4x50/.50…8x100/1:40 rotate kk board…8x25kk/.30 e,b,e,bur
 5x200k plus ez 100 swim/6…kk= 100 honest 80%, 50 @ 90%, 50 - empty the tank
Ez 10 laps with fins – ½ under each lap, streamlines critical
5x100/2:30 breathing pattern for your stroke; focus on breathing pattern, ez effort level
Ez 10 laps w/ fins – AA (As Above)
4x100/3 #1= 1 lap with breathing pattern, tempo & speed…#2 with laps 1&2 same…#3 w/ 3 laps…#4 w all 4 laps
Ez 10 laps AA
1x100 from the blocks one at a time in the lane – put the breathing pattern, tempo and speed all together
Ez 10 laps AA
8x25/.40 e,b,e,bur
2xTim Hill broken 200’s…
#1 75/.50; 2x 50/.40; 1x25…#2 from a dive 75/.45; 2x 50/.30; 1x25
There is an ez 50 on the minute after each segment of the broken 200
Ez 10 laps AA
8x25/.30 e,b,e,bur
5850 total with 1050 at effort ; effort defined as greater than 80%

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