Monday, November 30, 2015

Simon, Augusta and You

Last Friday we saw a most remarkable documentary explaining Simon Dominguez’s Ocean marathon swim from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Farallons (small group of islands nearly 30 miles from the GGB). This swim took place a couple of months ago. Simon was pulled from the water 2+ miles from the destination due to a circling shark fin. The Farallons are a known great white shark breeding and feeding ground. When you swim there you take your chances and keep several sharp lookouts at all times. Simon was in water that was 54 degrees or so for 17+ hours…suit, cap and goggles; no wet suits allowed in order to qualify the swim as “official”.
This documentary will be available for general viewing after it makes the Film Festival circuit. We will let you know when. He and his story are most remarkable.
In the audience of 350 was Augusta. She is a 16 year old sophomore on our club team. She swims the 200 fly as well as many other events. She swims it both short and long course. 200 fly long course is an entirely different event than short course. Each has its challenges and few take the risks and enter those events. Augusta is among those few.
As we were watching the documentary it occurred to us that Simon and Augusta have something in common, besides that they both like swimming a great deal! They are willing to do that which most of their peers would not even consider doing. They have similar mindsets. They find that which makes them feel empowered and then they set out to conquer that event.
What is fascinating from the coaching side is that no swims are guaranteed. Many don’t end quite spectacularly. Simon has completed the English Channel and has swum the length of Lake Tahoe – 22 miles at altitude. But he was denied his most recent quest. It happens. Augusta has had many 200 fly swims; several have been spectacular; others not so much. It happens.
Both of these swimmers have the mindset that allows them to move forward regardless of the outcome. This is a true characteristic of a successful person.
The “You” in the headline above is meant to include every reader regardless of event or occupation. What is your mindset? Are you willing to commit knowing full well the outcome is not assured? Can you roll with success and failure, “treating those two imposters the same?” (Rudyard Kipling)
Look around…Simon and Augusta are among all groups. Find them and hang with them; success is assured at some point in time if you have their mindset.

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