Sunday, January 18, 2015


There is a reason Ken is Head Coach of North Bay Aquatics…mind sharp as a tack. This morning we were driving to a swim meet, talking about a man we know who sometimes isn’t totally present. Ken said, “He’s one card short of a full deck.” And then this, “If you’re going to be short one card it better not be a 3 or you will never win a game of Solitaire.” – Brilliant.
Be short a King or Queen and you can nearly win; be short a 3 and you will never get close.
If a swimmer cannot/will not kick – that’s a 3.
If a swimmer cannot/will not dolphin kick – that’s maybe a 6.
If a swimmer cannot/will not hold her breath on a 50 – that’s maybe an 8.
If a swimmer cannot/ will not deal with pushing to the enth degree of discomfort, 10.
If a swimmer cannot/will not dive correctly – that’s maybe a Jack.
You get the idea. If you want to play a real game of cards you need to have all 52 cards available to you. And you might be saying, “Well there are only really 13 cards.” My response to that is, “There are 4 suits. That makes 52.”
Have a great week and do something this week you have never done before…maybe something you have never even attempted before because you didn’t possess the needed card.

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