Monday, April 1, 2013

Kevin Cordes

After you watch the video of this awesome swim go back and watch it again with a stop watch in your hand and do some basic math. He is swimming about 100 yards of breaststroke. The other 100 yards are covered in his pull throughs. Except for the dive (about 6.1) he is underwater for about 5 seconds on average from the time his 2nd hand leaves the wall until his head breaks out. You have 8 walls x 5 seconds = 40 seconds for 100 yards. He is covering the remaining 100 yards on the surface in about 68 seconds, or less than 7 tenths of a second per yard travelled.

Also note how high he holds his hips prior to activating his kick. Talk about holding your line!

You can do the same thing with your 12 year olds or your 50 year olds. Do the math and then figure out how to swim fast enough for the remaining time needed to cover your specific distance in your specific time. Of course the same holds true for the other strokes and the IM.

You can then do some very specific time and distance per stroke training to get the feel of the demands of your goal swim.

Congratulations to Kevin on a fabulous swim and a shout out to his coaches at Arizona and Dave Krotiak at Fox Valley for setting this man up. What collaboration indeed!

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