Sunday, November 25, 2012

Random Notes

We were looking for something on the “notes” spot on our phone the other day and discovered some “random” thoughts heard at the September ASCA Clinic. Often the best information you hear from fellow coaches comes from “throwaway” lines in the hallways. You can often pick them up at meets as well as coaches exchange ideas about what works for them or how they are solving challenges that may be similar to your own.

In no particular order with credit given when known:

No swimmer who has trained well ever misses a taper.

Punctuality is a choice not an accident. (Karen Moe Humphreys)

You have the most growth when you are living on the edge. That is what an athlete does. (Karen again)
The swimmer who has the best technique for the longest period of time in a race has the best chance of winning.

No matter how much you care or how hard you try you cannot coach someone who doesn’t want to be coached, so it is important to clarify this connection. Said another way, when the swimmer is ready, the coach will appear.

It’s OK to be wrong so long as you have the courage of your conviction. (Greg Troy)

Inside every piece of stone is a beautiful statue. (Michael Angelo) The coach’s job is to find and grow the champion inside every swimmer.

Have a plan and follow it; modify if necessary but have a plan. Some are better than others but you must have a plan.

Swimming is not that important. It is what you learn from it that counts. (Greg Troy)

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