Friday, November 2, 2012

Building Our Team

We are in the process of readying our team for one of several major December competitions. As is often the case with club programs, not every swimmer in the training group is pointing at the same meet. However, on our team we have a meet for every swimmer to aim for in the next 30-36 days. One of our main challenges is to keep the team working together cohesively when they have three different meets they are pointing toward on an individual basis. All coaches know the power of “Team”. The trick is to get the individual members to know the power as well.

In an effort to make this higher on their awareness list, we have been discussing the concept of team a fair amount in the last couple of weeks. We handed out the following image that Ken found. It is written on a door that leads into the training facility in Santa Clara, CA where the San Francisco 49ers train. We liked its straightforward simplicity. We agree that less is more when it comes to “rules” and this certainly meets that criteria. We hope it hits a positive nerve for you as well.

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