Sunday, September 2, 2012

Getting Things in Order

While some of the bigger questions we have posed in recent weeks remain open for discussion the new season brings upon us the need to identify what changes we are going to institute as we begin training.

Some programs really don't change. The coaches feel they have the formula for success down pretty well and they feel comfortable with their own approach.

We look at this process differently. Change is necessary if we are to improve. Even if the change is a small one, if it makes a difference then it is necessary. As the faster swimmers and more developed programs have break throughs we always look to see what in their game we could adapt to our situation.

So here is a partial list of things we want to add or improve upon. We try to keep changes in the 10-15% range rather than make wholesale additions or subtractions.

1 - 4 dolphin kicks off every wall - all the time
2 - Figure out each swimmer's "ideal" tempo for their competitive strokes
3 - Have each swimmer know their best DPS - distance per stroke
4 - Marry #2 & #3
5 - Rig a climbing rope over the diving well
6 - Revisit the value of regular test sets - maybe every other week
7 - Educate the parents better - let them "in" on the way we interact with the swimmers
8 - Have faster swimmers "buddy up" with slower swimmers - peer coaching

There may be others we look at, especially after the upcoming ASCA World Clinic. What we do know is that change is good if well thought out. If the results do not reflect the value of the changes then we made a mistake. We have done that (made mistakes) before so the possibility of it happening again doesn't bother us. We figure if any one coach or program had all the answers all the time, none of the other clubs would exist...feels a little like the Darwin approach...just so long as we don't end up with an "Award"...

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