Sunday, September 23, 2012

Early Season Workout

We love this early season time period where we can work on getting in shape and work on technique without the distractions of “”how fast am I swimming” to get in the way of progress. That, in addition to something Dave Salo said at the clinic about the focus being more on metabolic rates vs. heart rates, is shaping how we construct our training sessions this fall.

Here is what we did yesterday – Saturday, end of week two …short course yards, with our Senior 1 training group.

After a warm up of @1500 we did the following set:
1x1000 then a fast 75 kick followed by a 50 swim with five breaths, another 75 fast kick and another 50 swim with 5 breaths…into
1x800 as above with the kk and 50 swim
600 as above then kk and swim
400 as above then kk and swim

The whole set is 4000. There was no interval. They had 60 minutes to complete. The 1000, 800, 600 and 400 alternated laps of free and stroke. All had 4 dolphin kicks off the wall – except for the breaststrokers - and all swims were negative split. The 200 at the end was all stroke, negative split.

The second set was 10x100/1:30 with paddles (except for the flyers)…progressive 1-10 with the 3rd lap stroke. The stroke lap was always solid, the free laps got faster as you went along. There were no hand touches except for the last lap of #10.

The final set was 2x100 on your choice of interval – 3 rounds. They were asked to do something, or at least attempt to do something they had never done before. An example was 2x100/1:04…so you get in before the 4 on the first one and then leave on the 4 and try to get back before the 8 on the second one. There was no interval for the 3 rounds. This was an awesome way to end the workout as everyone bought in and stuck their neck out there. There was much success and some very noble deaths!

A very nice Saturday session to end of our 2nd week this fall. Let us know what you think.

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