Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thank You Jack Bauerle

At the ASCA Clinic last September we somehow got a sheet of paper with this set on it from Jack Bauerle at Georgia. We ran across it last week when cleaning up some papers in our home office. Jack, thanks for is an awesome set and the concept is so straightforward that it can be the basis for countless others.

As Jack says in his description, "set is straight through and if repeated throughout the season is a great set to gauge progress on, or simply adjust the challenge level." He also notes that "you can adjust the intervals and do this kicking, pulling or strokes."

We set up a white board with four levels of step downs. There was, as promised from Jack, immediate engagement both physically and mentally. Also, it can be done as scy, lc, or scm. We did this short course yards. We went on the 40 seconds. Another thing we liked about this was that all swimmers went on the same interval and while some got a little more rest than others, they were all in the same group, as it were.

It is a nice way to grab a quick 2000. Here goes:

40 x 50 free on the .40
Round 1 hold pattern = 4 at .31, 3 at .30, 2 at .29, 1 at .28
Round 2 hold pattern = 4 at .30, 3 at .29, 2 at 28, 1 at .27
Round 3 hold pattern = 4 at .29, 3 at .28, 2 at, 27, 1 at 26
Round 4 hold pattern = 4 at 28, 3 at .27, 2 at .26, 1 at max speed

No rest between rounds...have at it. You will be pleased!

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