Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lessons from Mom

Every one of us has a Mom. Today is a special day for her recognition - whether she is with us or not (not in our case).

Yet the lessons we learn will remain forever. Here is what I can remember learning from Helen no particular order.

You will play and learn to read music. This began with the piano from 6-9 years old followed by the clarinet until 12. Then came Pony League football, but we still played music on Sunday afternoons and I was in the church choir until 18. I still play wicked air guitar and married Madeline 25 years ago...oh; I met her when she was singing in a band called Fat Chance when I owned a small rock joint in San Rafael, CA the 80's...fat chance I should be so fortunate!

You will always do your best in school. In doesn't matter if you get top marks or not; always do your best. That is why I changed my coaching technique in 1971; fortunately I had athletes who proved me wiser than my years.

Growing old is not for sissies. Mom ultimately died of renal failure but still smiled to the end. I will do the same.

She complained a lot as a younger person but when she hit her 70's she stopped; I mean she literally stopped; and she had a lot to complain about. Our conversations invariably had the questions; 1 - what are you doing for fun these days? And 2 - are you doing what you enjoy?

Finally, I can never remember her telling me to "be careful"...this when we jumped off the roof of the garage at 9 Holbrook Street in Palmer, MA into leaves holding the four corners of a sheet thinking the landing would be soft...she said, "You need a bigger pile of leaves."

What a woman...

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