Sunday, May 29, 2011

Josh Morgan

As the National Football League figures out how to divvy up their mutual billions of dollars the players are figuring out how to stay in shape, work on plays and otherwise fill their unaccustomed free time in a meaningful way. This has led the media to figure out how to find meaningful stories when the normal pre-season drivel is unavailable.

And for those of us who find the sporting section of the dwindling daily newspaper boasting an occasional nugget or two it is a time of continual fascination. When the “norm” no longer works we are often treated to a real glimpse of an athlete’s perspective on their life. If you think about it, a high level athlete has only a few years of prime time available. So what runs through their mind is of interest to us.

The San Francisco 49er’s wide receiver Josh Morgan was casting some lines at a reporter the other day after an “informal” workout of fellow players. “We accomplish a lot”, he said. “As long as you’re working out with your teammates, you can always get better.”

Then the nugget…

“The best thing to do is stay ready. A coach told me one time: You stay ready, you never have to get ready.”

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