Sunday, January 30, 2011

Swimming 101

Swimming 101
A Mid Term Quiz

1. In freestyle which is more important?
  • a. Head position
  • b. Depth of kicks
  • c. Elbow position on catch
  • d. volume of air on breath
2. In backstroke which is more important:
  • a. Depth of entry on catch
  • b. Hip rotation
  • c. Arm speed during recovery
  • d. Kicking with the soles of your feet
3. In the IM which is more important:
  • a. Push the fly and breast hard
  • b. Push the back and free hard
  • c. Float the fly; it is a 3 stroke race
  • d. Save your legs for the freestyle
4. In the breaststroke which is more important:
  • a. Foot speed
  • b. Recovery speed
  • c. High hips
  • d. Streamlines off walls
  • e. All of the above
  • f. None of the above
5. In butterfly which is more important:
  • a. How big your kicks are
  • b. How many breaths you take
  • c. How fast your turns are
  • d. How far you can go underwater

The answers - according to us! - appear next week. This is an open book, open note quiz. It is permissible to ask others before you answer. All answers are final, unless after further thought you wish to change your mind. If you are a student of multiple choice quizzes you will automatically know the answer to # 3.

See you at the pool!

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Pablo said...

Looking forward to reading your answers Coach.