Sunday, January 2, 2011

OK, We Surrender

We had our thoughts all ready for this weekend's blog and then we went to the pool and then things changed...that happens very frequently so why should we be surprised? Our pool, like yours we hope, is very dynamic. The lanes are changing, the speeds are changing and the folks who come see us continually change. Swimming and coaching are never boring, that much we know for certain.

We were asked by Kelly to lay down some thoughts about goals since the calendar flips over what with folks making resolutions and here goes.

We think Napoleon Hill was the one who said that goals are dreams with a deadline. We like that one a lot. For your dream to come true it needs to be acted on; for that to happen the goal needs to be "real" enough to cause you to change what you are currently doing so that you can effect change and achieve your goal.

The following guidelines may be helpful for you.

* Goals need to be written - in the first person, present tense stated positively

* Goals need to be specific - vagueness leads to missed targets

* Goals need to be exciting - this makes the effort worthwhile

* Goals need to be imaginable - believable works as well; we don't like the word "realistic" since it has negative connotations

* Goals need to be reset as you reach them - otherwise you get stuck

For example...I want to get in better shape is a nice sentiment...but this works better...I love going to 4 workouts each week. It is a great way to start (finish) the day! I lift Monday/Wednesday/Friday at home (the gym) and feel myself getting stronger. I am so proud of myself!

Give this a try. We believe you will be very pleased with the results...Happy New Year to all...see you at the pool!

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