Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Sample of Holiday Sets

We are in the first week of a two week “training camp” where we don’t compete with school so we can do doubles no problem and even be in the weight room 3 x a week. This is an opportunity for the swimmers to build some base, skills and work on improving their tolerance to work…work works!
Here is what the first three days look like.
Day 1: wmp 10x50/.50 work underwaters and breakouts, 500 alternating flip turns and open turns with fly or breast breakout, 5x100IM/1:30 unders, brkout, turns
8x200/3:30 #1 1st 50 kick fast w board, #2 kick 2nd 50 fast, #3 – 3rd 50, #4 – 4th 50
#5 1st 100 kick w bd, #6 2nd 100 fast kk, #7 all swim ez, #8 200 kk for time
8x200/3:15 same deal as above but swim the entire 200 but power kk the appropriate 50…last 200 was for time seeing how long they could keep their kk going full speed
3x100/pro (many say descend) /1:40 with 100 free race breathing pattern
3x100/AA (as above)/1:30
3x100/AA / 1:20
2x100 AA/1:30…2x100AA/1:20…2x100AA/1:10…1x100 fast hold breathing pattern
1x100/AA/1:20…1X100aa/1:15…1X100AA/1:10…1X100AA/1:05…1X100 breathing pattern
16x25/.35 (4 rounds of hypoxic – 3 breaths,2 br,1br, 0 br) @2.5 hours 7200 yds
PM wmp 10x50/.50 unders and brkouts…fins and paddles 1x1000 ½ way under each lap, every 4th lap non free – IM rotation (no freestyle)
Kick 20x50/1:10 far as possible holding your breath face in the water then whenever you take your breath finish the 50 fast kick as possible
Kick neg split and progressive 400/8…300/6…200/4…100/2…50/1
Swim 1x50 from a dive with monster kick – 0 breaths down 1 breath back
@90 mins…3600 yards
Day 2: AM wmp 10x50/.50 unders and brkouts…500 alt flip and open turns…
5x100IM/1:30 unders, turns and brkouts
1000/13…800/11…600/8…400/5…200/3…100/2 all swims ns and get the 800 time on the way to the 1000 and make the 800 faster, etc.
4 rounds of tabata kicking – tabata is .20 full tilt, .10 rest x 8 so a 4 minute total per round
RD 1 – 20 secs kick10 rest
RD 2 – 10 secs kick w feet under water, 10 secs feet on surface face in H2O no breathing
RD 3 – same as #1 with a blue parachute…RD 4 – same as #2 with parachute
2x50 from the blocks fast kk with 0/1 breathing pattern
8x25/.35 hypoxic…we had 20 minutes of intro to sport psychology before swimming so we swam for @ 2 hours…4900 plus tabata kicking
PM: wmp 20x25/.25 unders and brkouts
Fins and paddles 1000/15 ½ under every 4th lap non free IM order – no freestyle
1x300/5 swim no gear
All fins and paddles swim ½ under just cruising and grooving…300’s fast and progressive 1-5
@90 minutes…5000yards
Day 3: AM wmp…25/50/75/100/100/75/50/25 unders and brkouts
500 alt flip and open turns
3x200IM/3:30 each one go a little farther under
Then we did Jack Baurle’s “One Tough Workout” …all 25’s on the .30 interval
1 fast, 1 ez, 2 fast, 2 ez up to 10 fast, 10 ez, repeat round of 10 and head down…it is 5500 yards in 110 minutes with 2250 fast, 2250 ez…ground rules today: free no consecutive breathing, same with fly…fly and breast strict stroke counts, back was all about the unders and tempo…Miki commented 5500 yards without a single flip turn!
PM wmp 300 swim, 200 kick, 300 pull…10x100/1:45 #3, 6, 9,10 do something special
8x25 build up to burst/.30
15x50kick/1 25 kick under water, 25 on surface, last 10 yards face down kick like you mean it
Gordy’s set from Albuquerque – thanks Gordy…they loved it!
Take your best unshaved (unsuited) time and add 20 seconds to it…
4x100/1:30 time +18, +16, +14, +12
1x200/3:30 ez
3x100/1:30 +10, +8, +6
200/3:30 ez
2x100/1:30 +4, +2
200/3:30 ez
1x100/1:30 goal time is your best unshaved time
@90 minutes…4550 yards
3 days of 6, then New Year’s Day off…then 5 more days, then school
We have a pretty good number of kids who stayed home and are training…some are in and out a bit but the ones who are here are going to be “Fitter, Faster and Stronger” – which is one of the camp’s messages.
Best wishes for 2015 to each of you and your teammates, swimmers, coaches and parents!

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