Monday, December 28, 2015

Fox Swim Valley Team/SR Group Training

Thank you to Dave for sharing!

Good morning Don,
Loved your workouts, we'll give it a go this week! Always inspired by you!
Below are FOX's training last week. Softer intervals with faster
swimming/underwater work. In addition we did an 1 hr. & 15 min strength
training sessions each day.
Happy Holidays! Dave

Workout #1
2 x 300 choice @ 4:15, 4 x 75 FR (3/4/4) @ 1:20, 2 x 200 IM @ 3:15, 8 x 50 IM @ 50., three min rest.
kick with snorks: 4 x 150 K @ 2:45-3, 4 x 100 K @ 1:40-2, 16 x 25 no snorks @ 30.
3 x 100 loosen @ 1:30, three min break
5 x 200 FR-Pull @ 2:30-3, 6 x 75 FR-Pull @ 1:05, 100 loosen
10 x 50 STR Drill (BK-one arm BK/BR-25 one arm, 25 BR arms-fly k/ FL-2 reg str and 3 kicks under water repeat) @ 55, loosen
Workout #2
1 x 400 choice @ 5:30, 1 x 300 IM @ 4:30, 2 x 200 BK @ 3:10, 8 x 50 FL or BR @ 55. Three min rest.
2 x 200 STR @ 3:15-45, 3 x 100 STR @ 1:30-45, 4 x 50 STR @ 1:10, one min rest, repeat
1 x 500 kick build up, 30 sec rest, 5 x 100 K @ 2:30 (best average, fast) three min rest.
Sprint FR: 4 x 75 @ 1:20 8 x 25 @ 40, 4 x 50 @ 1:00, 8 x 25 @ 40 (50’s 3/3, 25’s two breaths) loosen
Workout #3
1 x 600 choice @ 8:45, 12 x 50 STR Drill @ 55, 3 x 100 IM @ 1:45, 1 x 300 IM @ 4:30, 4 x 50 STR Drill @ 55, three min rest.
30 x 50 FR-Pull @ 40-50, two min rest, 16 x 25 STR-Pull @ 40, 2 x 100 loosen @ 2.
7 x 150 Kick with snorks @ 2:45-3 ( #1 med, #2-7 “50 fast, 50 med, 50 fast”)
1 x 100 STR @ 2:00 (50 med, 50 fast), 1 x 50 FR med @ 1:00, repeat 6 times

Workout #4
4 x 250 @ 4:00 (150 FR, 50 STR, 50 K), 6 x 75 IM/STR @ 1:30, 6 x 50 FR @ 50 (3/3), three min rest.
6 x 25 @ 50 (15 yd blast, 10 yd med), 6 Starts, 6 x 25 @ 50 (finishes)
10 x 100 FR-Pull @ 1:20-45 (med pace, work turns)
Two sets: 8 x 50 @ 1:00 (cycle #1 FR, cycle #2 STR—work breakouts/turns/finishes) two min rest between cycles.
5 x 200 K @ 3:40-4 choice, 2 x 100 loosen @ 2, three min rest
16 x 50 IM (fastest repeat time)
Workout # 5
1 x 600 FR @ 9:00, 10 x 50 FR-Pull @ 45-50, 1 x 400 FR-Pull @ 6, 8 x 25 sprint FR-Pull @ 50, 100 BK loosen, 6 starts, three min rest.
5 x 200 IM @ 3-3:30, 1 x 100 loosen @ 3,
6 x 150 STR @ 2:15-30, 1 x 100 loosen @ 3,
5 x 100 FR @ 1:30-45, 2 x 75 loosen @ 1:30
Work on finishes and sprint drills

Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Little Holiday Cheer – A Sampler

Why do coaches love the holidays so much? No school means more swim training time without the distractions. Here is a sample of our pre-Christmas swim and our post Friday training. Lots of fun, various college swimmers back in the pool and smiles all around...we have a week to go and we shall successfully build better and faster swimmers.

Got a favorite holiday workout? Send it to us and we shall share. Best wishes for 2016!

12-24-15 The Gabriel Special - modified

Wmp 4x50/.50
800 mix n match
4x150/2:45 kick - steady as she goes –
400 pull, every 4th lap 75% - 3 breaths
200 im
8x25/.30 ez, build, ez, burst - 4 hypoxic laps……………..2400…45 mins

1000 kick for time - break 15 minutes (1:30 per 100)…..3400…60 mins

8x25/.30 as above

3x400 pull/5:30 - 150 at 75%, 150 at 85%, 100 fast…

400 pull for time

8x25/.30 as above                                                   ………..5600…85 mins

7x100/2:30 all are within 6 seconds of your best unrested time – ones over don’t count

8x25/.30 as above                                                   ……….6500…120 mins

12-26-15 AM 4x50
500 fins ...every third stroke bow drill
4 x200 ... 1st and 4th sculling

Pull 12 x 100/ 1:30
Stroke count
With effort

Kick set
5 rounds
3 x 100 1:30....make or hold time
30 seconds rest
8 x 25/:30
Alt 10 kicks as far as possible
15 meters as fast as possible
30 rest between rounds

12 x 100 1:30
Free 3 breaths per lap
IM working underwaters


12-26-15 PM
Goals: work at 160 HR then add speed kick, then add fast shorter swims for the 200 segments
Wmp – 4x100/1:30 final wall 1,2,3,4 dolph kks
6x50/.45 s,p,k,s,p,k
4x200/2:45 every even lap HBP (Halle breathing pattern)…1500 – 25 mins

3 rounds as follows (1800per round at 32 min/rd)
3 x 300/4:30 NS & PRO w/ 3 breaths per lap HR 160 … breast go 250 with dbl pull throughs
2 x 200/3:30 s 100 HR 16 then kick 100 fast…
Breaststrokers go 2x 175/3:30 – 100 s – 50 free 50 breast HR 16o then 75 fast pull
2x100/1;45 fast pull – pb, straps, pads…backstrokers straps only, last lap spin drill
4 x 50/1 fast…1-3 FT, #4 touch pad finish
4x.25/.40 GO!
6900…2:10 mins

Sunday, December 20, 2015


We spend a lot of time daily, weekly, yearly pondering how to be a more effective coach. Besides providing and caring for our families being the most effective coach is on a very short list of things that matter. That makes us similar to many of you. We have a passion for engaging and at the end of the day giving entitlement to our swimmers. We want them to be great; great at whatever path they choose.
ASCA – thanks to John Leonard among others – continues to provide us with resources. We humbly beg you to click the link below; invest 9 minutes in yourself and your young people. Happy Holidays to John and each of you!


Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Curse or a Blessing?

Good Afternoon Coaches

After each end of season meet I like to go over what I did, what I didn't do, and why. And this time I came to a revelation. I learned the worst part of this sport, when you don't do well, whether you base that on holding your breath into the wall or whatever number the scoreboard feeds you, it is your fault; yours, not the person next to you, and not your coaches. Yours. You can't sit there and have a pity party because Jack didn't pass you the ball or Jim struck out. You can't find blame in others for a fault you made in your swim. But is this a curse or blessing? Yes, swimmers know better than anyone else it sucks not having anyone else but yourself to be mad at, but it is a blessing. The reason that swimming is such a progressive sport and the reason we are able to make the improvements we make is because we are able to find out what WE did wrong and we can fix it. It takes out the excuse of saying "I don’t need to change anything; if we want to win Jack needs to pass." There is an element of accountability. And when you take responsibly for yourself then you can finally swim the way you want. 

Everyone on our team reaches the physical necessity of swimming fast, very few people in the world can complete the workouts with the same vigor our team does, but the difference between the people that are succeeding the way they want to and the people that aren't is their mental capability. And as much as I hate the comparison between my sister and me, I have to make it; we go to bed at the same time, we swim the same amount of time and do the same workouts. So why am I left behind as she does amazing things in swimming? Why can I scrape minimal times off my swims while she can take chunks off? - Our mental fitness. I know this is something, along with many others, I need to work on in swimming, and that is why I am emailing you. You have been doing this a few more seasons then I have, and I am coming to you for help. I am devoting myself to be solely in your hands. You tell me to do something and I will work my best to do so. And hopefully doing so will allow me to complete the goals I set in August.

Thank you both,


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me

This phrase is attributed to William H. Johnsen and is composed entirely of two-letter words. It says take responsibility, take charge and stop waiting for someone else to do the job. What we did this fall was take this statement of intention and put it on the back of our travel meet shirt. Upon reflection it has formed the basis of our approach to this fall’s training and racing season.
We have had an enormous amount of success in getting our swimmers to accept responsibility for their training and racing. We have spent what seems at times an inordinate amount of time teaching this “It is up to me” concept.
The fall out has been swimmers who do not become “victims” when things don’t go the way they want them to go. Sure, there are looks of disappointment and a few long faces but no one is doing the “pity party” scene. And what a difference that makes!
The culture, attitudes and actions of the team are definitely different than years gone by. When everyone “buys in” to the concept that “it is up to me” then focus shifts from results to process.
Observation…this weekend at a big Las Vegas Invitational the scoreboard went down for a fair number of heats. Once the swimmers could see that their times wouldn’t be posted they gave up the time honored tradition of touching the wall and looking at the scoreboard. There were no grimaces or grins; rather a sense of calm and reflection was noticeable. They could ask timers for what the watches read but had to wait a little bit for meet mobile to record their factual time…and a whole bunch of angst vanished.
So as coaches we continue to strive for ways to get the message out; we coach, you swim; you act, we support; you work, you reap; we teach, we reap.
Keep it simple and you can see if it works; make it complicated and if it doesn’t work you have no idea why not.