Sunday, May 12, 2013

Message to the Team

Each week we write a message to our high school team. We thought we’d share it with our greater audience this week. Perhaps there is something in here you can use. Have a great week!

Hello Branson Swimming!

Was that big fun or what?! With a couple of exceptions, our team swam faster than ever at MCAL’s and that is always gratifying since one of our mantras as coaches is to “do your best when it counts the most”. If you did exactly that, good for you – now move forward; if you didn’t, dang it – now move forward.

In sports and life it rarely goes exactly as scripted and that is part of the intrigue. Think about it, if you really knew how you were going to perform why bother? Someone wiser than me once said the trick to living fully is to “learn to live without certainty”. Doing so actually heightens awareness, sharpens the senses and ultimately pays a bigger reward when things go well.

The NCS seedings happen on Monday and we will see how many (not if) swims make the next meet. We are very proud of your accomplishments and as I like to say, be grateful and ask for more.

See everyone on Monday for a post meet swim and a prep swim for next weekend. If you are not in line for an NCS berth we still encourage you to participate this week. Your energy will help those who are moving forward to Concord.

Finally, after every season we ask our swimmers to tell us what went right and what needs correcting. So, I ask each of you to be prepared to give your coaches feedback, thumbs up and down, and we will do the same for you. We made some adjustments this year due to last year’s feedback and we saw better team wide results this season. Your input is critical. Thanks in advance.


Don Swartz
North Bay Aquatics

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