Sunday, October 21, 2012

Be Careful With This One

We remember hearing from Dave Marsh that you can have a lot of good things happen to your program with an effective Masters Team. We have found 4 really capable coaches from our group of nearly 150 regular adult swimmers. One coaches exclusively in our Master’s program while the other three spend time in both Youth and Master‘s workouts. They bring a level of expertise and maturity that is a welcome addition to both groups.

Every now and then we get a gem of an idea from a Master’s swimmer. This one comes from Michelle…but you need to be careful with it. After you read it and smile, going, “Yes, finally some wisdom I can lay on my team in one sentence” remember that every now and then a swimmer tries it his/her way and gets it right. When that happens you as a coach need to be smart enough to recognize this occurrence and even change your perception of “how things should be done.”
This follows on our discussion of being able to suspend reality…have a great week!


Try doing what your
Told you to do the first time

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