Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Fun of a Menu

When our team closes in on an important meet and we hit taper phase we often have a Saturday work out that is done Menu style. Basically it involves a warm up of some predetermined amount and then the rest of the session happens according to whatever time plan the swimmer wants. Sometimes we have them do a meet warm up; other times – like today – we lead them through it. Below is an example. This is what we are doing today 2-25-12. We have a meet in Clovis, CA next weekend which is the shave and taper meet for the winter racing block. It is also the last chance qualifier for the NCSA Junior National meet in Orlando March 20-24.

These work outs are extremely popular. When we announced last night that we had a menu work out for today there were whoops of joy. We sometimes time the swims and sometimes don’t. We often will look at our watch and make remarks of glee, impressed with the times, but not tell them the times. It drives them crazy. They all want to know what the watch says but we don’t place to much value on it ourselves, especially as each person is different in the transition from training to taper. We call it “checking the oil”…you don’t check the oil every time you get in your car. Unless there is a pool of goop under the car you pretty much know the oil is fine. After all you drove it yesterday. Same thing with speed in work outs; look good, feel good, done.

2-25-12 MENU OPTIONS – Clovis in 1 week; Orlando in 3 weeks
Wmp 2000/40

Meat and potatoes – Orlando

Fast eaters: all from blocks
1x150 broken .10/100, last 50 fast
1x100 broken .10/50, last 50 fast with legs
1x100 broken .10/25 and 75…build middle 50 with legs
3x35 - one like your 50, one like your 100, one your choice

Bigger eaters: all from blocks
1x200 broken .10/100 fast cruz to leg build up
1x200 broken .10/50 each 50 gets faster and has more leg power
1x150 broken .10/50 building leg power
1x100 broken .10/25 and 75 – your chance to be a sprinter!
3x35 – one like your 50, one like your 100, one your choice

The light eaters and dessert lovers: Clovis
See the maĆ®tre d for options from today’s organic garden of earthly delights…we know you will be so happy that you will tell all your friends and relatives about our fine cuisine and excellent service!
Your total cost will not exceed 200 yards – oops, calories!

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