Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Real Power of College Swimming

Madison just left our team to swim at Rice University. She texted last week the following, “I’m really excited about the swimming here. I think it’s the perfect fit and I love working out. On the other hand I am getting less and less confident about having success in my classes. All these people are Alan Jabri (a teammate of hers here at North Bay Aquatics who was a recent National Merit Scholar – now at Princeton) and know what they want! Ahg…

This was our reply.

“The team will get you through school. Be honest about your concerns, so they can help you. That’s part of why they are there – to help. I (Don Swartz) nearly flunked out in the fall of my freshman year (Middlebury College). Everyone was so smart and competitive in the classroom. But I hung in there and actually figured out how to do it. The process of figuring it out was the biggest thing college did for me – easily the biggest. You are a successful person. You proved that in your swimming. Success crosses many fields, including academics.”

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