Sunday, October 17, 2010

To Reward Yourself or Jumpstart Your Next Cycle

Every now and then it is good to take a small step back and see what you are up to…and we mean this in the most positive way. Sometimes we forget just how much energy it takes to do what we do, making the sacrifices to train the way we do. Or perhaps you feel like you are in a rut simply grinding out the same routine day after day, week after week. If either of these feelings describes what you are sensing lately then here is an idea. Try it on for size; it may be just what you needed.

Look around at what other events might be available to you that could work as a reward or a challenge…or both. This event could be in your sport or even outside your sport but part of a cross training regimen.

We had over 60 swimmers from our North Bay Aquatics team, both youngsters and Masters, compete this weekend in the RCP Tiburon Mile. For some it was a first time open water event in the chilly waters of San Francisco Bay. The event begins at the ferry terminal in the town of Tiburon, CA. Swimmers ride over to Angel Island, line up on the beach for the start and then race or swim (we had both types of swimmers) back to town. Water temps were mild for the Bay – 63 degrees. There was a flood current so swimming in a straight line was not really a consideration. For many of our group being part of a 600 plus mass start was invigorating, intimidating or both. And that is part of our point here. Do something a little outside of your comfort zone and you get to explore yourself while having the time of your life – OK, maybe we are exaggerating a little

If you are a veteran of open water swims perhaps you could sign up for a pool meet just to see what the other side of your sport looks like. Or you could find a tri or biathlon to mix some variety into your game.

You already know how we feel about surfing. We will add a note of caution here, be safe and surf with a buddy.
We even have one of our young women who is in a boxing match this weekend…for real! We have had several of our swimmers who love boxing as a cross training vehicle who have gotten ready for actually stepping into the ring to see what real contact is like.

As winter time approaches and seasons begin to wind down it is a good time to look ahead and plan something for early in the New Year to keep yourself focused on why you train so diligently. For some it is all about the competition. For most it is all about the lifestyle. Whatever your reason we recommend rewarding and or jumpstarting yourself by stepping slightly outside of the proverbial box.

Let us know what adventure you choose!

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