Monday, September 27, 2010

Two Very Cool Guys

We speak often in these pages about the value of sharing – sharing our wisdom, our experience, and our perspective – so that others may gain an insight into how to practice their craft. We had the opportunity this last week to have Mike McCarthy speak to our senior team on process. Mike was a member of the US Olympic Cycling Team in 1988 and 1996. Our kids ate up his presentation since it came from “one of them”…not another coach☺. He explained that his belief centered on needing the 3 “P’s” – Psychology, Physiology and Passion. He felt you could get by, do OK with any two but to reach your personal best results you are better served with all three. He was also very clear about the value of Passion. With it, the sky is pretty much the limit; without it – well not so much.

Paul Lundgren swims with us rarely but is a kindred spirit. He always gives warmly and freely from his vast pool (pun partially intended) of knowledge on a wide variety of subjects near and dear to our hearts. Learn more about Paul at His article below gives you an insight into his Passion.

Thanks to both Mike and Paul for enriching our lives this week – and forever!

Swimming in the Wild

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