Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Couple of Sets to Keep Things Interesting

Last Saturday at our Masters training session we offered two different formats. The first is more aerobically focused while the second is more anaerobically based.

We warmed up with a basic 200 pull, kick, and swim. Then we swam 300 yards every 3rd lap half way under water. This was followed by 6 X 75's where we kicked the first lap and swam the 2nd and 3rd laps. We also asked each swimmer to stop after the 2nd lap and do a pull out on the edge of the is basically an assisted (water helps make you lighter at the beginning of the press out) pull up.

Then we split into two separate groups. Everyone - we are pretty sure - enjoyed themselves and the challenges offered. Give one or both (we recommend separate days) a try and let us know what you think...better yet, share a favorite set of yours. We'll put it out there for the entire community to try!

The two sets of 4 rounds above the line are for the aerobic folks. The one set below the line are for you sprinters and or folks just getting started. Have fun!

4 Rounds...choose your own interval, be as ambitious as you want

1x200 neg split (2nd 100 faster than the 1st 100)
1x100 neg split...and faster than last of the 100
1x50 ez recovery
Total set = 1600
4 Rounds...choose your own interval

1x100 build to 75% (then 80%, 85%, 90%)
4x25 taking 3 breaths at each wall at 75% (2nd round 80%, 85%, 90%)
1x50 ez recovery
Total set = 1000


3 Rounds...every swim is on the one minute interval except the last 100
Round #1 effort = 80%, #2 effort = 85%, #3 effort = 90%

1x50 with 15 yards effort
1x25 ez

1x50 with 25 yards effort
1x25 ez

1x50 with 35 yards effort
1x25 ez

1x50 entire swim at effort
1x25 ez

1x100 recovery SAS - Smooth As Silk

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