Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Begin with a Sign

More thoughts on culture; how to create yours and sustain it over time. In a recent Thought of the Day from ASCA this idea from Coach Kinel resonated, very simple and yet profound.
Thought of the Day

"You begin with just a sign, "Chesterton Swimming and Diving," and talk about pride in that. Then you win a little... Districts, then states. Put the banner up, talk about pride in that. Then you have a former swimmer go to the Olympics. Talk about pride in that.

It's just step by step. No matter what level you are at, start with the sign. Take pride."

-Coach Kevin Kinel, Chesterton High School, Indiana
Developing a Culture of Hard Work and High Expectations For Your High School Team


Then we saw this sign at the pool at Drake High School in San Anselmo, CA. More than one person put some real thought into this. It ties into itself very nicely on several levels.
So what’s your sign look like? Does it accurately portray your message? Do you have it on bag tags or kick boards? Do you talk about it regularly with your team? All athletes, coaches and parents are affected by this type of cultural reminder. Make sure everyone can see it and knows the origins and recent examples.


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