Monday, March 26, 2018

Nothing Really New Here

We returned a week ago from Orlando and the always stimulating, exciting and very fast NCSA Championships. The following are our observations in no particular order of those who swam up front:
Underwater dolphin kicks at quick tempo – being under isn’t fast in and of itself
Body position off walls
Body position in the turn itself
Fly and breaststroke release hands off the gutter
Back starts – we’re going to get a wedge even though most never race using them since the wedge gives a real sense of the explosiveness available off of the start
Streamlines underwater into breakouts
Kick power and kick size – if your kick is too far out of the water all you do is splash a lot
Entry of hands on free, fly and back – very precise
The shape of your breaststroke
Speed is needed for ALL events, ALL distances (Claire Tuggle 26.5 last 50 in her 500)
Leg power off walls
We’d be interested in observations from any of you who were just at any of the recent NCAA Championships.
The question remains what do you do in the following situation? You give a set of say 10x100/1:30 progressive (descending) 1-5, 6-10…if a swimmer will not kick an underwater dolphin or three do you let her continue since she is descending but not using the walls the way the fastest do in the big meets? Do you praise the result or do you start over since the big meet skill is being ignored?

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Unknown said...

I believe in all things: If you ask them to do something and they won't...Have them start over. If you ask them to do something and they can't...adjust your ask.