Monday, January 1, 2018

Team Culture

Looking ahead to the New Year with great anticipation we have been spending a fair amount of time discussing our team’s culture. We are talking about what it is we want to emphasize and how to choose the words to describe the path. Culture defines that path; the clearer the culture, the brighter the light on the path.

Pete Carroll is the Head Coach for the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL. He has a record of success that is admirable. The NFL according to the players stands for Not For Long; it is very challenging to maintain a playing or coaching career. Coach Carroll has always been careful about how he defines his team’s culture.

“Always protect your team. Have peoples back; it is not about you, it's about figuring out who another person is and celebrating them. Always take care of each other no matter where you are. Show love.

No whining, complaining or excuses. Own it; is your responsibility to bring the very best.

Be early, not on time but early; show that you care about the other people and their time by organizing your life. When people are waiting on you, you are slowing down the entire system.  

How do you deal with failure? First you need to feel the pain. Change does not happen without pain. Get after it and put yourself in an emotional state of mind every day so that you get used to it. Forget the noise. Focus on great attitude, great action, great effort; those are things that you can control.”

Thanks to Coach Craig Carson, Brentwood Seawolves, for sharing this one.

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