Friday, October 14, 2016

A Set Sampler

We had a good workout on Sunday and thought we’d share the ideas with you. Our intention is to craft training sessions so that everyone has an opportunity to “latch onto” some work of value. We look at our club team of teenagers as being all sprinters while dividing them into long, mid and short sprinter sub groups.
The sets below came after about 50 minutes of warm-up and technique work. We measure the benefit in the moment by how much talking goes on while they are on the wall…less chatter, more grit being developed…at least that’s our bias. We’ll know down the road in a couple of months if we are correct.

Long sprinters 500/7 then 3x100/1:40 fast] 12 x 5 rds = 60 min
Long sprinters 500/6 then 3x100/1:40 fast] 11 x 6 rds = 66min
Long sprinters 500/5 then 3x100/1:40 fast] 10 x 6 rds = 60 min
Long sprinters 400IM/6 then 3x100IM/1.40 fast] 11 x 6 rds = 66 min
The 500’s are NS (negative split) by time and the IM’s NS by effort

Mid sprinters     
200fr/2:30 then 4x50/1 stroke fast then 200 stroke/3 then 4x50fr/1 fast] 13.5 x 4 rds =52
Flyers did laps 1,4,8 fly on the stroke 200; Breasters did 1st and 4th 50 breast

Short sprinters
3x100/1:30 NS w dolph kks off each wall
Then all fast: 2x25/.30 then 2x50/1 then 1x75/1:30] 9 x 6 rd=54
This group went any stroke they wanted on the 25’s, 50’s and 75
We needed to keep encouraging them to go fast on the fast stuff since the natural tendency was to use the longer rests to go easier. Once they bought in, the lane chatter went away…no rest between rounds.

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