Monday, May 16, 2016

The Week in Review

One of the best things about our profession is the willingness to share openly with each other. There are actually no secrets as it were. There are however many different ways to achieve the desired result.
The first thing is to understand the desired result – that’s your goal. Next in line is the development of a plan aimed at achieving that goal. Then when feedback becomes available you can assess how far along the path of success you have traveled.
Meets are an excellent assessment tool. However, the willing and able coach can make the call on a daily basis about the progress, or lack thereof, without waiting for confirmation at the meet.
As we were doing our assessment after the North Coast Section finals Saturday while driving home we called our trusted and true colleague Coach Dave Krotiak of Fox Valley in Illinois. We chatted about all things coaching sharing tips and foibles and then asked him “So what are you doing that is moving the needle; give us something to work with”.
He paused a few moments then said he was at practice and after 20 minutes of observation didn’t like what he saw so he wrote the following on the board poolside. He then stopped everyone and asked them to read it. He said they and he had an awesome 2 hours after the message was digested.
“You’re guaranteed failure if you practice it every day.”

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