Sunday, July 19, 2015

How Does Taper Work Anyway

There are three basic ingredients each swimmer has getting ready for their big meet, the end of season last chance to post some times.
Oops, focusing on “posting some times” would be a mistake. Why? ; Because not much good happens when you focus on results. Lots of good things happen when you focus on process. So figure out what worked for you in the past when you got yourself ready for a big meet and write those items down and work on them. Sure, we all know what we are after…a personal best and perhaps a cut to the next level of meets but when you work on that side of the game you only create anxiety and doubt.
What you want is a ready calmness and confidence. The calmness comes from knowing you have done everything you can up to this point in time. You cannot get in better shape – too late for that. You can develop more speed – there is time for that. (It comes from resting) And as your workout speed improves your confidence goes up. But here is the dilemma. In workout if you focus on the speed – times posted – you drive yourself crazy. It is far more important to work on the swimming well, stroke technique etc. so that the faster workout times will come…and then the confidence and speed build together.
The three ingredients are 1- Rest – the most important by far; 2 – wearing a tech suit; they really help compress your body and shed some water; 3 – shaving; and this depends upon how much “fur” you carry. It doesn’t matter if you have a little or a lot, you will feel so much slipperier in the water…which boosts your confidence.
Confidence is king. Have some of that and you will wear the “crown”.
It takes much more courage to rest than it does to work. So take a deep breath from your belly and relax as you exhale. Now go and rest…you’ll be fine, really

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