Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Power of 3

Ken has a very powerful saying: A lot of wonderful, even magical things can happen in 3 weeks.
3 weeks gives all swimmers a chance to raise their game. 3 weeks is long enough to make some changes while being short enough to stay focused entirely on your goal.
Here in Northern California, our high school League Championship meet is 3 weeks away…our Section meet is 4 weeks away…our first ever California State meet is 5 weeks away.
Stay focused for 3 weeks and you get through the League meet…one more week and you are in the Section meet…fast enough?...then one more week for the State meet.
3-1-1…do the first one first. Stay focused on the League meet for 3 weeks and then whatever happens – BE READY!
There will be more than one swimmer who advances to the Section level who right this minute no one thinks can do it. And…this is a guarantee! There is more than one swimmer who will advance to the State meet who today no one is even considering.
Do not bet against us on this concept. It happens every 4 years at the Olympic Trials when someone (often more than one) takes one of those highly coveted 52 spots.

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