Sunday, September 21, 2014

Two Sides

We like to keep things simpler as opposed to more complex. It seems to us that nearly everything can be reduced to the proverbial “two sides of the same coin” status.
Night and day, heads or tails, up or down, yes or no, red or green, wet or dry, can or can’t, rich or poor, happy or sad…we could go on forever…maybe…but you get the idea.
We have begun talking with our team about their goals and our goals. On Saturday we told them we were going to learn more about flow and how to teach them to achieve it since we believe it is the next important discovery for success in the pool as well as in life. Fortune 500 companies actually keep track of flow in the workplace. We also told them we are going to have at least 4 swimmers in Omaha at Olympic Trials in 2016 (we had one in 2008, two in 2012). Those two goals we have for our team.
We then asked them to write down on a 3x5 card 2 or 3 goals for this fall. The next discussion with them will be about the two sides of the coin…it will go something like this…
Tell us how you are going to do it; don’t tell us why you can’t do it.
Simple; effective; useful…on a daily basis…keeps everyone accountable, coaches and swimmers…parents and administrators as well.
As our friend Dave Krotiak says, “Have an awesome day!”
As our colleague Dave Durden says, “If you are having a crummy day, have a good crummy day!”
Words to live by from both sides of the coin…

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