Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Simple Concept with Enormous Impact

This gem is completely in line with our recent discussions about how a team works and the value of contributing to that team. As we ready ourselves for the final meet of the season, we shall all – swimmers, coaches, parents – have our candles lit.
"THE CANDLE"   an article by Chip Hardy

"Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle and the life of the candle will not be shortened."  The Buddha
Most of us have been to candle lighting ceremonies at our churches or synagogues.  For me, it's always a fascinating event!  The room is pitch black then one single candle is lit--it lights another--then both candles light other candles, etc., until every candle held by everyone in the room is lighted.  The room, once completely dark, becomes filled with light!

Candle lighting services are metaphors for many different things in the world--peace, love, faith, etc.  The point being that anything we deem as "good" can be begun by one person and passed on to many others.  Unfortunately, things we also deem as "bad" can also be spread starting with one person!

How many of us have been in a room, possibly waiting for a meeting at work to begin, all chatting and laughing when someone walks in with a scowl on their face and an aura as dark as a storm cloud?  For any of us that have been there we know how it feels!  The air seems to almost immediately be let out of the balloon and what was a room full of anticipation and happiness becomes a "room of gloom".  The lighted candles seem to have all been extinguished by one candle snuffer!

No matter though how many candle snuffers we may encounter on our journeys in this life it is important to remember that we can light many more candles than one snuffer can put out.  In fact it is our job here to try and make this world the best place we can--one person at a time if necessary!  Our jobs are much different than our employments or the way we earn our livings.  Employment pays the bills--our jobs make us happy and our lives fulfilling!

Our jobs are not burdensome and don't involve a lot of our time and effort.  Give a simple smile to the bank teller or the grocery store clerk, or say “good morning” to a complete stranger.  Little things for sure but you as a lighted candle just may light someone else's candle!  They in turn may be friendly and kind to someone else simply because you were that way with them.
Shine and keep your candle lit!  You never know how far your little light may go!!!

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