Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ken on a Roll

I have been in Mexico for two weeks…fathom how that happened…Ha!

Ken has been doing his usual fine job of driving the bus. This is what transpired at the 1:45 minute mark of last Saturday’s workout. As you read this keep in mind that ultimately our job as coaches is to get the kids to be totally present and do something they have not yet done.

Ken said our next set is 4x50/.40 hold time average – fast as you dare, then swim an easy 100; there was no interval for that 100; then swim 2x50/.40 (.50 for breaststrokers) time average faster than the 4x50. Got it…I’m sure you do.

After several rounds of this, some of the kids asked, “How many rounds are we doing?” Ken gave the now (on our team) standard answer, “Yes.” They know that one for sure. After another round Ken said to them, “I’m actually going to end this set when I see the two people I am watching do this absolutely correctly.” He had his sun glasses on and so they wanted to know which two of them he was watching. He replied, “Yes.”

On the next round, to a swimmer! – They all swam lights out faster than at any time during this set or at any other time in workout.

Amazing what an impact a coach can have when s/he sets the table just right.

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