Sunday, March 16, 2014

How to Improve
The View from Two Different Angles

Alan is a sophomore in college who came through our North Bay Aquatics program. A talented guy, he used that talent to get pretty far up the ladder. That’s a nice way of saying he didn’t really work all that much at his craft. This year has marked a significant change in his ability…and it hasn’t been due to a new dose of talent. In his own words after his conference meet:

“This past year was the first year I felt as if I was actually training, instead of going through the motions. I can remember each stroke I took had serious intentions in it, and it is starting to unfold slowly. And before, I would use other people’s thoughts of my success to fuel me, but now I finally truly believe in myself. I have learned to be my own coach, I do not need reassurance every minute of practice and I trust all my training. Those are skills that I wish I knew how to figure out earlier because they make the greatest difference in my passion for the sport, and my motivation. If I could come back to the team and tell them my biggest improvement that has helped me gain success, it is literally to just race. Don’t think about times, but to just get into a boxer’s mentality and fight and earn every win I receive. And of course, have fun.”

Natalie Gulbis is on the LPGA Tour and recently was presented with the Tour’s Ambassadors Award which honors the work she has done promoting the Tour and women’s golf. She has some advice for youngsters out there who want to play the game and improve. “Play in a lot of tournaments. I learned from competing. Practice is one thing – but when you compete you learn about yourself.”

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